Best Glider For Nursery

It is a good feeling while you are rocking gently with your precious little one. Therefore, it is important to choose the best glider for nursery.

A perfect glider gives you and your baby a peaceful transition from different activities to sleep. A glider should also be comfortable to use while you stay in the nursery.

Glider for Nursery Reviews

Stork Craft Hoop Glider

This nursery glider brings comfort during feeding time. It comes with an ottoman and cushioned armrest and body for added comfort. It also has a pocket for your essentials.

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Beige Bow-back Glider

This glider and rocker is perfect for putting your baby to sleep and for feeding time. It has a solid wood frame and metal ball bearings for smooth gliding.

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Pulaski Sutton Glider

This glider comes in 3 different colors. It is stylish and comfortable to use. It also features a durable solid plywood frame and is guaranteed to be easy to clean.

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Artiva Cherry Wood Glider

This elegant glider and rocker is made of hardwood and microfiber cushion material. It comes with an ottoman designed to add comfort. It is easy to assemble.

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Artiva Deluxe Glider

This glider is made of soft Marsala microfiber cushion, as well as cherry wood. Some of its best features is the smooth gliding system and the ottoman.

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Patio Chairs Adjustable Glider

This glider is made of soft, brown microfiber material. It has a tufted and fully-padded backrest, as well as a smooth gliding motion. You can also expect it to last for a long time.

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Stork Craft Tuscany Glider

This custom glider comes in 4 fabric combinations and 6 wood finishes. It has a gentle gliding motion and comes with a lumbar support pillow.

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Naomi Home Brisbane Glider

This glider comes in 6 different colors. It features an ottoman for added foot support and comfort. It also comes with tools that you can use for assembling. It is made of polyurethane foam filling.

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Baby Relax Gliding Recliner

This gliding recliner is stylish and comfortable to use. It is upholstered in soft, grey fabric. It has a knife edge pillow backrest and flared armrests.

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Mikayla Swivel Recliner

This swivel glider and recliner is comfortable to use. It has enclosed ball bearing mechanism for smooth motion. It also features an elegant square design, and comes with a button tufted backrest.

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Types of Best Gliders for Nursery

A nursery glider is a unique variation of the traditional rocker chair. While rockers have two curved bases for rocking motion, gliders on the other hand have flat bases that move back and forth. Modern designs come with a swivel base that allows the chair to slightly rotate.

Baby Gliders: The standard type of gliders, they feature oversized seats and armrest paddings. Recent models usually come with a ball bearing function that allows the mother to glide back and forth.

Baby Swivel Gliders: An updated version of the standard glider, these types of chairs not only glide back and forth, but also have a 360 degree swiveling capacity.

Custom Built Gliders: This is the most expensive option as they give you the opportunity to request additional features. Taking this option is good for buyers with high budget, as these nursery glider chairs can have more visual and aesthetic value to them.

Glider Rockers: Glider rocker chairs are among the most popular types of glider. They have modified features designed so that the rocking process is smoother and does not jar. They are ideal to use when putting a baby to sleep because the noise of the chair’s movement is kept to a minimum.

Nursery gliders come in various designs built for a more sophisticated performance. The gliding motion of the nursery glider provides comfort for moms when feeding or snuggling their babies.

Advantages of Using Nursery Gliders

A nursery glider has several advantages that should not be neglected. Nursery gliders are usually created for mothers but in most cases, they can also be of help to other loved ones who want to take care of babies in a comfortable position.

For pregnant women: Sleeping positions for expectant moms can be difficult while the baby inside the womb is growing up. Pregnant women usually feel sleeping discomfort and anxiety so a glider chair can be very helpful in driving them to sleep.

For mothers: Gliders become an important tool for motherhood as they help mothers a lot in nursing and feeding the baby. Some babies have difficulty in sleeping so gliding them to sleep is pleasurable for them.

For fathers: It is automatic for the father to take care of the baby when the mother is away. Moms also need to do house chores and while they’re at it, the fathers can comfortably cradle the baby without worries.

For grandparents: Grandparents often worry about cradling babies in their arms for fear that they might not be strong enough to handle their weight. A nursery glider can help them take care of their grandchildren without worrying of having back aches or joint pains in the process.

The use of gliding chairs is not only limited for having a comfortable place of putting the baby to rest. Sleep ismost important for babies since their mind and body are constantly developing.The gliding movement of the chair calms them and helps them to drift off to sleep quickly.

How to Choose the Best Gliding Nursery Chair

With many choices available in the market, it can be a struggle to figure out which glider is fit for every mother’s needs.  The following list discusses some of the things to look out for when buying the best glider for babies.

Build Quality:  It is important to consider wear and tear when purchasing the best glider for babies. It is best to check if there are four or more solid wood foundation for chair support. Sturdy wood pillars and bases are designed to avoid pressure points that can cause the chair to snap easily.

Comfortable Upholstery: Choose upholstered and cushioned chairs than those that are made from cane or wood for a more comfortable gliding experience. It is also advised to choose cushions made from microfiber.  Microfiber is a synthetic yarn that is not only soft to seat on but also does not irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.

Pinch Points: Babies are naturally curious about everything. It’s unnecessary to limit their inquisitive nature by having gliders that are possibly dangerous.  Make sure that there is enough space between the gliding bearings and the chairsupport. A narrow space may lead to the baby’s tiny hands being pinched.

Size: For mothers who love to snuggle their baby for a nap, a larger chair would be a better choice. This will help mothers get the most out of their limited rest.

Bearings: Buy gliders with fully enclosed metal bearings. Gliders with poor quality bearings usually create loud and rough gliding movements.  Exposed bearings can either pinch or trap the poor babies’ fingers.

How to Clean/Maintain Nursery Gliders

Gliding chairs need general maintenance to observe their normal gliding function. The frequency of usage will determine how much care is needed, but basic maintenance can be done as frequent as every few months.

Basic Tightening and Replacements:  Invert the chair when loosening parts so that the inner sides are exposed.  To avoid scratches, put a blanket under the chair. Locate all the nuts, bolts and nails to check if they need replacement.  Gliders are supposed to be sturdy and safeso any broken or missing part can lead to unwanted injuries.

Joints Maintenance:  Glider joints can loosen through time so they need to be tightened too. Joints also accumulate dirt so regular cleaning can boost their function.

Oiling: Once squeaking noises can be heard while gliding, it is a sign for the chair to be lubricated.Grease can be used in lubricating the bearings but a thicker oil will also do the trick. If the squeaking noise persists even after oiling, that’s the time for the bearings to be replaced.

Applying Paint or Material Cleaner: For wooden gliders that have scratches, applying paint is possible to make them look good again. Material cleaner should also be applied periodically to keep the cushion clean. Most furniture shops offer stain removing cleaners and waterproof servicing for cushions.

Fixing and cleaning gliding chairs can be easy with the right materials in hand. Babies can be sensitive to dust and dirt so proper maintenance and cleaning procedure are necessary to keep the gliders clean and fresh.

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