Best Lamps For Dark Room

Are you looking for the best lamps for a dark room? Fortunately, this article will help you select the perfect and suitable lamps for your need.

A perfect lamp for dark room is one, which can illuminate for the photographic material that you use. It should be sturdy enough to handle a lot of photographs.

Lamps For Dark Room Reviews

LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light

This night light comes in 2 colors. It is perfect for reading in bed. It has a rechargeable li-on battery plus it is beneficial because you can use it up to 10 hours.

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3D Lamp R2-D2 Table Night Light

This table night light changes into 7 colors. It has a smart touch button for changing into 7 steady colors and 1 flashing color mode. It has a 3D design, making it more unique.

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KOBRA Retro LED Color Changing Light Bulb with Remote Control

This LED night light is perfect for night reading. It can change into 16 different colors in steady and flashing mode, and features a remote control for convenience.

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Star Sky Night Lamp

This battery-operated night lamp has 4 LED lamps. It has a sleep timer so it turns off automatically within 5 to 95 minutes. It projects stars in different colors.

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GRDE Himalayan Rock Lamp

This natural night lamp is an air purifier and night light. It is made of Himalayan salt crystals. It is hand mined and hand carved.

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FLYMEI USB Powered 3D Optical Illusion Desk Lamp

This desk lamp is an interesting accent for your room. It can change into 7 different colors, such as green, red, yellow, blue, pink, cyan and white.

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Maphissus Sun Star Night Lighting Lamp Moon Star Projector 4 LED

This night lamp has 4 color LED lamps. It rotates and projects moon and stars. It has functional buttons that you can use to choose normal to rotating mode.

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Cloud Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle

This cute plush night light projects a starry night on your child’s bedroom. It has a calming effect, thereby helping in putting your child to sleep. It changes in three soothing colors, creating a more tranquil environment.

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Eco-Friendly LED Animals Night light

This bear night light has a soft light for a comfortable and tranquil mood. It has a detachable head for changing bulbs. It has a push-button switch for easy operation.

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Moon in My Room Remote Control Night Light

This unique night light shows the phases of the moon. It has a realistic 3D lunar landscape. It has manual and automatic functions that shows the 12 phases of the moon.

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Types of Lamps for Dark Room

Choosing the right lamp for any dark room may be difficult if you do not have any idea on what kind of lighting you will need. Here are the usual types of lamps commonly used at home:

Floor Lamp – A floor lamp is usually an electric light attached to a vertical pole with a flat base that rests on the room floor.

Table Lamp – This kind of lamp is usually designed to be put on top of a table or any elevated flat surface, rather than hanging it on the wall or letting it stand on the floor.

Accent Lighting – This is usually part of an interior design plan for a room and has a dramatic effect to the overall look. It is used mostly to highlight particular parts of the room such as a painting or sculpture.

Buffet Lamp – This is often called a candlestick lamp. This tall lamp has a shade and thin base with a solid foundation. It is taller than the usual table lamp.

Desk Lamp – This is a small lamp that has a modest and minimal design. It is usually used as a light source by those who need to read or write something.

Chandelier/Pendant Lights – This is a light fixture often hanged from the ceiling and can be found over kitchen or dining areas. 

How to Select the Best Lamps for Dark Room?

Since there is a huge line-up of available lighting installations in the market, it may come to a point wherein you may find difficulty in picking the right lamp to brighten up your dark rooms. Here are some tips in order for you to choose the most suitable one:

Room size – First and foremost, you must determine the area of the room you are planning to put light in. The size of the lamp will depend on whether you plan only to put illumination in a certain corner or maybe, the whole room.

Style – If you want to fully customize the appearance of your room, the lamps that will be placed should perfectly match the theme or motif of the room’s design.

Multiple light layering – This again could be part of the room’s interior design plan wherein certain parts of the room will be exposed to different kinds of illumination, ranging from a simple desk lamp to accent lighting features.

Inventive features – Nowadays, the traditional bedside lamps are replaced with hanging pendant lights that not only add extra eye-catching attributes but also have a space saving feature. There are also electric saving lamps available now in the market.

Colors – You may also want to consider the color of the lampshade or the light bulb itself since it can adjust the total ambiance set by the lamp you will be placing in your room. 

Reasons to Have the Best Lamps for Dark Room

Proper lamp and lighting distribution in any room may bring out a change in mood and atmosphere for those who stay in it. It can transform the room into a harmonious collection of functionality, style and elegance.

With the most appropriate combination of light colors, lamp arrangements can make an illusion of space wherein a small dark room will suddenly have a grander and less constrictive ambiance.

The use of directional lighting with the appropriate lamps could highlight the majestic pieces and designs of any room. Providing illumination to the whole room can also increase safety and security for those who have troubled eyesight at night.

Aside from the distinct decorative purposes, proper lamp and lighting distribution can bring outstanding functionality as it serves a purpose and not simply there to raise your electric bills.

Central placement of powered lamps can provide illumination to the whole room during night time and certain lamps with dim control can still provide ample lighting to guide your way to the kitchen or restroom.

For those who love to spend their time reading at night, an adequate light source from a simple desk lamp or floor lamp would suffice to prevent damage to the eyes. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Lamps for Dark Room

Some people are still clueless on what kind of lamp suit their room needs. Here are the common questions raised by consumers and the corresponding answers.

What lamp type should I use for this particular room? The lamp type will definitely depend on what room it will be located. Some rooms may need to be fully illuminated so you definitely need a centered powerful light source. Others might need only light in small corners where a simple floor lamp may suffice.

Should I go for style or function in choosing the best lamp? Balance is the key in selecting the perfect lamp for any dark room. An ideal combination of looks and performance can bring out the best in any kind of light source.

My room is too small. What is the most suitable lamp for me? Hanging pendant lights that are narrow with a good light distribution can be used. The space needed for a table lamp and the accompanying bedside desk will be null, making more room for your other things.

What kind of lamp is best suited for a kid’s room? All lamps can be used as a kid room décor. Often at night, kids prefer sleeping with some lights on so you may also procure a dim bedside lamp for their security.

When shall I use a table, floor or hanging lamp? It again depends on the purpose of the lighting source, area to be illuminated and style you want to implement on the room.

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