Best Recliner For Back Pain

Are you one of the people who suffer from back pain and need to find relief when sitting down? The best recliner for back pain would make you relax your whole body and avoid back pain.

A recliner would help with your back pain by taking the weight from your back. Your spine would rest when you are reclining or lying down.

Recliner For Back Pain Reviews

HomCom Heated Vibrating Suede Massage Recliner – Brown

The Heated Vibrating Suede Massage Recliner (Brown) by HomCom is a good solution to relieve body pains and aches. Its 8-vibrating nodes take care of the entire body. The comfortable heavily-padded chair can also be easily reclined.

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“WholeBody 7.1” Premium Massage Chair

The wide-body “WholeBody 7.1” Premium Massage Chair by Human Touch has a swivel base and a heat therapy system. Such technology relieves lower back and shoulder pain. The heat modules also soothe tight muscles. It also improves circulation.

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Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner

The Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner by Divano Roma Furniture features overstuffed padded arm and seat rests to help relieve pain. It’s designed specifically for extended use. It also adds extra comfort and style element to your living room.

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360 Degree Swivel Leather Massage Recliner

The 360 Degree Swivel Leather Massage Recliner by Recliner Genius can relieve pain, stiff muscles and anxiety. Its manual yet smooth reclining function guarantees maximum comfort. Its plush and durable design is meant for prolonged use.

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Best Valued Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Best Valued Shiatsu Massage Chair by Ideal Massage has a kneading massage option, which works out knots and relieves muscle pain. It also stretches your back. It features h heat therapy and zero-gravity positioning.

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Rissanti Salerno Zerostrain Chair, Black

The Salerno Zerostrain Chair (Black) by Rissanti has an ergonomic design, which relieves back pain and reduces spinal stress. Its sinuous spring support for the seat cushion provides maximum comfort. The wooden arms add an elegant touch.

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EC03 Full Body Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair

The EC03 Full-Body Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair by BestMassage has a kneading function to relieve muscle pain and loosen out knots. It also improves leg posture, mobility and flexibility. The vibration function stimulates blood vessel dilation.

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Rissanti Campbell Push Back Recliner, Chocolate

The Campbell Push Back Recliner (Chocolate) by Rissanti has an ergonomic design, which reduces back pain and spinal stress. You can just recline by pushing the chair back. The faux leather upholstery makes the recliner maintenance-free and stain-resistant.

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Human Touch HT-7450 Zero Gavity Massage Recliner, Black Leather

The HT-7450 Zero-Gravity Massage Recliner by Human Touch has 2 lumbar heat modules that gently reduce tightness. It also has 15-minute programs that target pain. As it reclines, its components move synchronously to put the body in a weightless position.

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“ZeroG 2.0” Zero-Gravity Body-Match Massage Chair

The “ZeroG 2.0” Zero-Gravity Body-Match Massage Chair by Human Touch puts you in a zero-gravity position. Such position releases your spine from pressure and pain on the spinal discs and vertebrae. Its immersion seating lets you move around comfortably.

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Types Of Recliner For Back Pain

In choosing what recliner to buy, you must know first the different types of recliners available for you.

Here’s a list of the most common types of recliners for you to choose from. Knowing them will make you understand the options you have better.

Manual Recliners – Manual recliners are affordable compared to other types. The disadvantage though is it doesn’t come with a lift facility and you have to adjust everything manually.

Electric Recliners – It is more convenient to use since you basically just push some buttons to adjust it according to your comfort. It is more expensive, though, compared to manual recliners.

Anti-Gravity Recliners – This allows you to raise your legs higher than your upper body. This position is good for your back and for your health in general.

Knowing your specific needs is necessary in choosing what type of recliner suits you best. Recliners can be somehow expensive that’s why you need to be satisfied with what you choose.

How To Select A Recliner For Back Pain

Recliners are not only known for easing back pain but for preventing it, as well. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect recliner for your back pain.

Lumbar Back Support – It is a must to choose a recliner that has ample lower back support.

Adjustable Seatback – It is best to choose a recliner that has an adjustable seatback. That way you can adjust it to the best of your comfort.

Dual Lumbar Back Heat – Some recliners come with a dual lumbar back heat feature. This warms the lower back muscles and somehow relieves muscle pain.

Acupoint Detection System – Some recliners even have an acupoint detection system designed to scan your back during massage and find the key pressure points.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion – It remembers the key pressure points and areas of your body to give you utmost comfort when you use it.

How Recliners For Pain Work?

So how do recliners help ease your back pain and even prevent it from reoccurring? Here’s an overview on how it can help us.

Most of us experience back pain sometimes, and for some unfortunate people, it happens all the time. This could be because of the long hours we spend in our chairs, often spent in front of our office computers.

Basically, recliners are designed to take your weight off your back. You are actually taking some pressure away from your spine when you recline.

When you sit up straight, your muscles are actually contracting. But when you lie down or recline, you are allowing your muscles to relax.

Aside from giving your spine the support it needs, recliners also allow you to elevate your legs. This allows blood to freely flow to your heart and is very good for your health.

You can also opt for a massage recliner. This gives your back and your whole body the relaxation it so deserves.

How To Use Your Recliner For Back Pain Properly?

For you to make the most of your recliner for back pain, you must fully understand its function and features first. So here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Recliner’s Tension – It refers to how easily you can adjust the backrest of your chair. Getting yourself accustomed to this will help you achieve utmost comfort while you’re on your recliner.

Adjustment Mechanism – This comes with thumb wheels beneath the seat. You need to get yourself accustomed with this if you want to adjust your seat properly according to your comfort.

Add-ons and Features – Heating system or acupoint detection system. These are just examples of the features that come with some type of recliners. Know what your recliners can do to make to most of it.

Aside from the main use of recliners, other types also offer various features to adjust to the user’s needs. These features could varied, thus, it pays to do some research first before you get one.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to recliners, thus you need to be very careful when choosing the one to take home with you. Finding the type that suits your needs best is the secret to avoiding that back pain for good.

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