Best Recliner For Tall Man

Are you tired of recliner chairs that do not fit your height? This article will surely help you pick the best recliner for tall man.

The best one, is that which is both durable and long enough. It should offer a guarantee that the user can sit back and relax in style.

Recliner For Tall Man Reviews

United Chairs High Back Chair

This ergonomic chair offers back support and comfort, and is made of breathable mesh material. It has a built-in lumbar support, and features a height and tilt adjustment mechanism for added comfort.

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Abbyson Living Armchair

This armchair offers comfort because it reclines. It is made of wood, leather and foam material, and features a nail head trim design for a more classic look.

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White Gaming Chair High Back

This gaming chair has a racing car style. It has a high straight back for extended support. It has comfortable armrests, and an adjustable headrest.

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High Back Bucket Seat

This racing car style chair is made of faux leather, nylon, mesh and steel material. It has a height and tilt adjustment mechanism, and is fully padded for added comfort.

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Pro Office Adjustable Chair

This office chair has a swivel mechanism. It has an adjustable seat height. Made of PU leather, it is durable and easy to clean. It also features comfortable armrests.

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Alitop Modern Chair

This chair is ergonomically designed for long lasting comfort. It has stylish armrests and gas lift mechanism for height adjustment. It has a padded seat and PU leather surface.

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Christies Home Office Chair

This office chair is powder coated. It has a comfortable padded back, armrests and seat cushion. It has a swivel and height adjustment mechanism.

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Porthos Adjustable Office Chair

This office chair is made of soft polyurethane and leather material. It has a chrome base and adjustable height. It is perfect for your home office or work station.

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Nita Black Office Chair

This office chair has a contemporary design. It has a height adjustment mechanism. It is upholstered with bonded leather. It has a 5-star base and casters for convenient movement.

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Tetra black Office Chair

This office chair has a tilt and lock mechanism to make it possible for you to customize it and make you more comfortable. It has a waterfall seat that reduces leg tension and caster wheels for easy movement.

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Types of Standard Recliners

Recliners differ – from one with rocking feature to another with a built-in cooler. Because standard recliners traditionally have moveable backs and extendable footrests, it’s best for tall men. Listed below are the types of standard recliners men can sit on and relax.

Rocking or Glider recliner: This gives you the feel of a rocking chair that can hush you to sleep.

Wall-Saving Recliner: This is suitable for those with limited space since it only occupies six inches.

Lift Chair: If you have a hard time getting up from a seating position, you can buy this. By using a button, you can lift the chair up enough to help you stand.

Massage recliners: It has a mechanical massage feature that can relieve muscle pain.

The most appropriate recliners for tall men are power recliners and large recliners. Power recliners can help people with mobility problems while large ones can fit people who are tall and large.

How to Select a Recliner

Do a little inspection before picking your ideal recliner. Make sure that the screws are well-placed and heavy, the motors are quiet, and the features are operating well.

The frames of a recliner should ideally be made of hardwood. However, you can also choose those made of plywood.

Also, recliners can be leather-coated or fabric-coated recliner. Leather will protect your product from stain, but if a fabric best matches your style, you may also choose it.

Since it’s possible to bring home a recliner and realize later on that it has some defects, you should choose one with good warranty policies.

To prevent your pets and kids from being stuck in your recliner, check the gap between the seat and the leg rest pad. Make sure its measurement is only five inches.

Lastly, allow yourself to rest on the recliner for five minutes before purchasing it. Ensure it fits your height or body, supports your head and neck and allows your feet to touch the floor when the back is upright.

How to Maintain your Recliner

To make your recliner last for years, you can put oil on its metals or maneuver so it works smoothly. Avoid waiting until your recliner begins to creak.

To prevent your recliner’s leather from cracking or wearing out in a stretch, make sure that you avoid placing it in an area with direct sunlight.

If you spilled something on your recliner, immediately clean it off. You can wipe it with a leather conditioning.

Wiping your recliner with wax or any wood polish can help maintain its wood finish. To avoid having scratches on your wood recliner, don’t use a lone cloth for cleaning. Try wiping it with mild soap and water.

In cleaning your recliner, regardless of what material it’s made of, check its care instructions. This can help keep your recliner in good condition.

You can also use slip covers on your recliner so you can easily clean it. You will just take off its slip covers, and slip it in your recliner again when it’s already clean.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recliners

I would love to recline, but I have a small living room. Will a recliner fit? Most recliners really take up space, but you can opt to buy a wall-saving recliner or a recliner with a slimmer built.

What recliner is suitable for one who doesn’t always want to recline but wants to sit with feet up? A push-back or flex-back will be perfectly suitable for him.

What are the pros and cons of having a recliner? Having a recliner has more pros than cons. Among its pros are allows you to relax in the most comfortable position your body wants and relieves people with back pains, post-pregnancy pains and muscle pains.

It can also enhance the circulation of your blood, especially the one with massage function. However, most ideal recliners are expensive and space-consuming.

Is picking a fabric important in buying a recliner? It’s important especially if many people will use it. If it’s going to be used by the entire family, pick one with a microfiber fabric so it can easily breathe. It’s also best to opt for a leather recliner so it’s easier to clean.

What is a chaise recliner? It’s one without the gap between the seat and the leg rest pad. Thus, it can support your leg better.

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