Best Recliners

Do you get irritated when you are sitting and you need to stand up to release your back pain? The best recliners would make you feel as comfortable as possible.

A recliner has their own therapeutic benefits, so if you have the best one, it is like having your own therapist that would relieve your stress.

Recliners Reviews

Barcalounger Charleston Recliner – Burgundy

The elegant Charleston Recliner (Burgundy) by BarcaLounger is a wingback recliner that can be pushed back. You just have to lean your back and it will simply recline. The burgundy leather is framed in plywood and pine.

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Full-Body Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

The Full-Body Zero-Gravity Recliner LM6800 by Kahuna Massage Chair features an auto YOGA stretching and heating function. Other features include 2 zero-gravity stages, air massage technology, and computer body scan. Thus, it can you more than just a full-body massage.

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Best Selling Davis Leather Recliner Club Chair, Black

The Davis Leather Recliner Club Chair (Black) by Best-selling is an elegant combination of wood and black bonded leather. It has both a reclining back and foot extension functions. The sturdy feet add to the recliner’s strength and stability.

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“iJoy-2580” Premium Robotic Massage Chair

The “iJoy-2580” Premium Robotic Massage Chair by Human Touch is a hip-looking recliner with multiple massage functions. It refreshes the back, releases low back tension and relieves shoulder/neck pain. It’s small enough that you can tuck it in tight spaces.

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Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Sofa Chair

The Massage Recliner Sofa Chair by Best Choice Products has a vibration/heating mechanism, which targets the lower back, upper back, feet and thighs. You release the footrest as the chair is reclined. You can also fully rotate the chair.

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Lane Furniture Stallion Recliner, Praline

The Stallion Recliner (Praline) by Lane Furniture is designed to last long. It is also built for comfort. The stylish recliner can accommodate weights of up to 500 pounds. You can also place the chair in any interior setting.

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Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair 161

The Full-Body Zero-Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair 161 by BestMassage is a cutting-edge recliner, which can stimulate human massage. The roller foot massage feature can improve immunity and blood circulation, and promote better sleep. It is handy for your home.

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Best Selling Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair, Light Beige

The Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair (Light Beige) by Best-selling is made of wood and light beige fabric, which fits the bedroom setting. It is ideal for tight spaces. You can easily read a book or take a nap in it.

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X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

The space age-looking 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair by X Rocker is perfect for listening to music, playing games, relaxing and reading. It connects with similar chairs for a great game. The ergonomic design has gunstock arms.

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Mainstays [Collection] Upholstery Microsuede Rocker Recliner, Beige

The Upholstery Microsuede Rocker Recliner (Beige) by Mainstays features deep plush seating, a foam-filled seat cushion, and padded arm/back rests. Just push back the chair to recline. It is an excellent addition to your home.

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5 Different Types of Recliners

Before you can choose the right recliner, you need to understand the different types of recliners first. And so here they are:

Rocker Recliners – As the name suggest, a rocker recliner rocks and reclines. This is quite popular for people with insomnia since it was proven to help them sleep faster.

Wall Hugger Recliners – This type is perfect for small rooms since it doesn’t take a lot of space. Most of the wall hugger recliners can rock back and forth too.

Lift Chairs – This type is equipped with a motorize mechanism that pushes the chair up from its base making it easier for you to get up from your seat.

Massage Recliners – Some of the massage recliners do not only massages your back and the back of your legs, they come with a heating function as well.

Classic and Contemporary Collections – These are those that doesn’t even look like recliners. They come in various styles and features to offer more choices.

What To Consider In Buying A Recliner?

When a recliner, you need to take into consideration a couple of important factors, like:

Your budget. So how much are you willing to spend for your recliner? Setting your budget will help you narrow down your choices.

The fabric. Knowing what fabric you like best makes it easier for you to choose a recliner. You can choose from leather, corduroy, cotton, micro suede and a lot more.

The style. Recliners come in various styles and shapes. You have to decide what style fits your needs, and your home décor, best.

The size. Recliners come in various sizes too. You should figure out first how much room you can spare in your home so you won’t get a recliner that wouldn’t even fit inside the room.

Some add-ons. Some recliners come with built-in speakers, cup holders, heating functions, etc. You need to decide if you need any of these add-ons or not.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recliners

To help you choose the perfect recliners for you, here are some FAQs to help you decide.

Can I still get a recliner when my living room is not that spacious? Yes, recliners come in various sizes. You will surely find one that will fit in your room.

Can I get a matching recliner and furniture sets? Yes, you may. There are actually living room furniture sets that come with a matching recliner.

Are recliners expensive? Some but not all, depending on the type. Surely you can find one that suits your budget.

Do massage recliners really work? Surprisingly, yes! Many people find massage recliners good enough to help them relax in the comfort of their homes.

How long can a recliner normally last? A recliner is said to have an average lifespan of 10 years even with regular use but of course, that still depends on how you treat it.

How To Maintain Your Recliners?

As mentioned above, a recliner can last up to 10 years even with regular use. But, of course, that depends on how you maintain it.

Do not expose your recliner to direct sunlight, especially if it is made of leather. This will cause it to fade and crack faster.

Clean your recliner regularly by wiping it off or vacuuming it. If you accidently spill something on it, make sure to soak it up with a cloth immediately.

Regularly oil the recliner’s reclining mechanism. Do not wait for it to give creaking noises. That will ensure that it works smoothly for a very long time.

For a recliner with a wooden finish, it’s a must that you regularly wax or polish the surface. That will make your recliner look good and new.

You may also consider getting slip cover for your recliner. That will protect it from dust and damage and make it last longer.

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