Best Rocking Chair for Nursery

Are you looking for the best rocking chair for nursery? Luckily, this article is made to help you pick the perfect rocking chair for you.

The best rocking chair is that which can help you while you are feeding, reading and singing to your baby. It should give you comfort and enjoyment while you stay in the nursery.

Rocking Chair for Nursery Reviews

Stork Craft Glider Rocker

This traditional rocker is comfortable to use. It is easy to clean, and features a locking mechanism and enclosed metal ball bearings for smooth motion.

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Baby Relax Harlow Rocker

This classic wingback rocker has padded wings and molded arms. It is nicely colored in grey and has decorative nail head design. It is made of spring core foam.

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Modern Rocking Chair

This elegant rocking chair is comfortable and stylish at the same time. It has a supportive plush seat and backrest, and made of birch wood, acrylic ivory fabric and polyester.

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SoBuy Relax Rocking Chair

This rocking chair is available in 12 colors. It features a cotton fabric cushion, and a birch veneer frame. The fact that it is easy to assemble is also an advantage.

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Stork Craft Bow Back Rocker

This rocking chair provides a comfortable place to cuddle and feed your baby. It comes with an ottoman for added support. It is made of solid wood and soft polyester pads.

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Best Home Chloe Rocker Glider

This nursery glider and recliner has a classic design. It has fully padded backrest, armrests and seat to ensure comfort. It has an easy to clean fabric cover.

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Artiva Deluxe Rocker

This wooden rocker is made of cherry hard wood (frame) and thick microfiber (seat and backrest padding). It comes with an ottoman, and is easy to set up.

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Fantasy Fields Rocking Chair

This rocking chair has a cute and colorful design. It is made of durable wood and boasts of a lead free paint. Its easy to assemble parts are also among its distinctive qualities.

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Belleze Eames Rocking Chair

This rocking chair has a modern design. It is made of sturdy ABS plastic that can support up to 275 pounds. It has built-in hand rests.

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Fantasy Fields Bouquet Rocking Chair

This colorful rocking chair is made of durable wood and lead free paint. It is hand carved and hand painted. It works ideally for any child’s room.

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Types of Rocking Chair for Nursery

Purchasing a nursery rocking chair can be difficult since there are various models to choose from. Picking the right chair should be based on the user’s needs and requirements.

Baby Rocking Chairs: This is the standard type of nursery rockers that function using rounded legs as base. Traditional designs are those that are made from wood but modern-looking chairs with stylish designs are also a good option.

Baby Rocker and Ottoman Sets:These are ideal than the standalone chairs especially for mothers that need to catch up on their much-needed rest.  Having a place to rest their legs on is a must for tired mothers.

Recliners:  Most recliners are usually used in the living room for an ultimate TV viewing experience but some models are great options as nursery chairs. They provide comfortable and spacious sleeping space both for the mom and the baby.

Extra Wide Rocking Chairs: These are ideal for mothers who have a twin situation going on. An extra wide seat is perfect to accommodate at least two babies.

The most important thing when buying nursery rocking chairs is to be aware of the different features each of the model can bring. Chairs usually come with a standard framework but there are some variations available to keep in mind when shopping for the right nursery chair.

Advantages of Using Nursery Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs have been considered important among mothers as it gives them a comfortable place to feed and cuddle their child. Feeding sessions require lengthy hours so it would be good to have a restful place both for the mother and the baby. Aside from the comfort offered by rocking chairs, here is a list of other reasons why parents should consider rockers a nursing essential.

Mothers who experienced caesarean delivery would benefit a lot from using the nursing rocking chair to feel comfortable when seated. The comfort it offers cannot compare to what a mother experiences when using a typical sofa.

Holding the baby for long durations will eventually tire the mother’s arms. Most rocking chairs come with arm rests where mothers can lay their arms so as not to feel burdened by the baby’s weight.

Rocking chairs have a cushioned back that helps in reducing backpain especially for first-time moms. The act of rocking also stimulates the circulatory system so most scientific journals highly endorse rocking to help avoid varicose veins among women.

The process of rocking releases endorphins, which are known to be the “happiness” hormones. As a result, mothers are put to good mood while rocking with their babies.

Rocking is also generally good for one’s health as it allows the body to move back and forth, helping exert one’s energy in different directions. During the process, blood pressure falls while respiration slows down.

How to Choose the Best Rocking Nursery Chair

A nursery chair is all about having a comfortable space for bonding between the mother and the child, thus finding the best one might be too overwhelming. The following factors are tobe considered before committing to any nursery chair.

Safe and Sturdy Construction: The nursing chair carries both the mother and child’s weight so sturdy construction is important. When buying, it’s also crucial to check for sharp edges or breaks in the chair that could pinch fingers or trap a child.

Comfortable Cushions: The rocker should come with efficient back and head support. A chair with a reclining back is helpful in adjusting the back position to suit any seating style.

Padded armrests: Arm support is important to save the mother from the struggle of holding the baby uncomfortably for long periods of time. Wide and padded armrests are advisable to give the arms a comfortable resting position without quickly getting tired.

Locking mechanism: Some rocking chairs come with locks that keep the baby moving back and forth. This lock feature allows the mother to easily stand with the baby in her arms. It also keeps babies from hurting their fingers and toes once they become a little more active.

Versatility:Think about how to use the rocker after the child has grown. Choosing the fabric and style is important so that the chair can still be converted into a stylish, stationary seat.

How to Maintain Nursery Rockers

Every rocking chair that’s been used for many years are bound to experience wear and tear. It is important to buy a chair with removable cushion cover so that cleaning can be done faster and easier.

In cleaning the cushion, cleaning materials should be prepared. The most important ones are the steam cleaner,baby wipes, dishwashing soap, clean cloth, hydrogen peroxide and spray bottle.

First step is to clean the seat cushions with the use of vacuum cleaner. Intensive cleaning should be done to remove all the dirt and crumbs that have accumulated especially in the crevices.

Second step is to wipe the cushion with the use of baby wipes. For stain removal, make a solution by mixingdish washing liquid and hydrogen peroxide. Shake the mixture just a little bit after putting it in the spray bottle.

Using the mixture that contains the stain removal solution, spray and saturate the stained areas thoroughly. This must be done for at least 10 minutes. When the stain is no longer visible, wipe off the excess formula by using a clean cloth.

For final cleaning, make use of the steam cleaner for the upholstery. To avoid unwanted discoloration in the cushions, make sure to test the stain removal solution before using it.

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