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Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable that the place you are cleaning yourself is not clean itself? This shows that it is important that you have the best shower cleaner.

This product does not have harsh chemicals so you can protect your tiles from scratches. Plus, you can choose from a variety of scents that appeal to you.

Shower Cleaner Reviews

Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner Starter Kit

Give your shower a thorough cleaning with this starter kit from Scrubbing Bubbles. With just a touch of a button, tough stuff is removed by spraying deep-penetrating special formulated cleaner and scrub.

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WET AND FORGET 801064 Shower

Wet and Forget’s shower cleaner is easy to apply. Spray once a week and leave on. No scrubbing or wiping. Comes in soft vanilla scent. Does not contain dyes, ammonia or bleach. Does not emit irritating fumes.

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Earth Friendly Products Shower Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil

Spray this shower cleaner by Earth Friendly Products after showering. Special formula removes and prevents stains and scum from hard water, mildew and mold. From natural, pure tea tree and lavender essential oils.

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Frosch Shower & Bathroom Cleaner

Go green cleaning with this shower cleaner from Frosch. Remove water spots, dirt, soap scum and lime deposits, leaving a fresh lemon scent. Made from 100% vegan materials, with plant-based surfactants.

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OdoBan 935362-G4 RTU Organic Acid Shower Cleaner, 1 Gallon Bottle

Earth Choice’s OdoBan uses biodegradable surfactants and organic acids to remove rust, lime, calcium and soap scum. With dual, thick-clinging action. Ideal for showers, toilets and sinks.

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Tilex Fresh Shower Cleaner

This shower cleaner from Tilex requires no scrubbing, wiping or rinsing. Forms a protective barrier to discourage mildew stains, hard water deposits and soap scum. Bleach-free with a fresh scent.

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HomeCare Labs Tub & Shower Cleaner

This is a tub and shower cleaner from Home Care Labs that cleans hard water buildup, soap scum and rust stains. Comes in a trigger spray for easy application.

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Method Daily Shower Cleaner

Method’s shower cleaner contains naturally-derived ingredients in biodegradable formulas. With Powergreentechnology that cuts grime, soap scum and grease. No toxic residue or fumes, only fresh scent.

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Granite Gold Shower Cleaner

With a special formula for safe use on shower and bath fixtures, Granite Gold offers this non-abrasive, non-acidic shower cleaner. No ammonia or phosphates. Streak-free and non-toxic.

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Supreme Surface Stone Shower Cleaner

Clean while protecting your shower stone assembly with this shower cleaner from Supreme Surface. Cleans stone (granite, tile, quartz, etc.) appearance, while conditioning, enhancing and protecting its appearance.

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How a Shower Cleaner Works?

Cleaning your shower sounds like a simple enough job. You just get your bathroom cleaning product, do some scrubbing and your shower should be good to go.

These are all great, tried and tested methods. But there’s an even better way of cleaning showers. It’s using shower cleaners instead of regular bathroom cleaning products.

Bathroom products clean the bathroom but may not be able to remove water and soap marks and splatters on the walls, doors and shower curtains.

Shower cleaners are made specifically for showers because they have ingredients that help remove shampoo and soap marks on the surrounding areas around the shower.

Shower cleaners will leave your walls free of soap scum and the glass doors of your shower as clear as the day when you first used the shower.

It will even remove the watermark stains on your bathtubs. Spray on the product on the surfaces around your shower and watch as it melts away the dirt and soap marks.

Types of Shower Cleaners

There are still very few products out there that are made specifically for shower cleaning. People still use regular old bathroom cleaners as they can do the job fairly ok.

A cleaner specifically made for the shower is still a very new concept in cleaning. But now, more and more people like the idea of having a cleaner made just for the shower.

The first type of shower cleaner is the regular spray cleaner made using chemically processed cleaning products. These types of shower cleaners can be bought anywhere where bathroom cleaners are sold.

Another type of shower cleaner is the organic shower cleaner. These are made using organic cleaning ingredients and promises to be not harmful for the environment.

Finally the latest in shower cleaner is the automatic shower cleaner. These are spray shower cleaners that are mounted inside the shower and sprays the cleaning product with just a touch of a button.

All three types of shower cleaners do a good job at cleaning your shower. It’s up to you to choose which ones are best for your needs.

How to Select a Shower Cleaner

Shower cleaners come at a variety of sizes and spray attachments. Some of them look like a regular spray cleaner while others come with longer spray attachments to help you clean bigger spaces.

Shopping for shower cleaners should be an easy enough task. To select the right kind of shower cleaner you must consider the following points noted here:

How much do you need: A bigger bottle of cleaner will save more money in the long run, especially if you have a lot of showers or have huge shower areas in your house.

What type of shower cleaner you need: If you hate cleaning the shower, go for the automatic shower cleaner. If you don’t mind manual cleaning methods then spray shower cleaners are good enough.

What kind of cleaning you will use it for: Most shower cleaners are good for regular every day cleaning. Other industrial grade shower cleaners can be used for tougher to remove dirt and grime.

How effective it is: Check out consumer reviews on various brands of shower cleaners. Check how effective it is on different kinds of surfaces like tiles, glass or slate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shower Cleaners

Should I still do some scrubbing after applying a shower cleaner? Most shower cleaners are powerful enough that you only need to rinse it with water after applying.

How do they smell? Shower cleaners come in different scents just like regular bathroom cleaners. You won’t have to worry about your shower area smelling like harsh chemicals and disinfectants.

Do shower cleaners take care of molds? While they are powerful enough to remove soap scums, molds are an entirely different thing. Check with a professional mold remover if you find molds growing in your bathroom.

Are automatic shower cleaners better than regular shower cleaners? They both use the same kind of cleaning agents. The difference is in the application.

Do I need a special brush to apply shower cleaners in the shower? Most shower cleaner come with a spray. All you need to do is spray the product, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse.

Will it affect the surface on the shower walls and glass doors? Most shower cleaners are safe to use on tiles, bath tubs, glass and even painted walls but check with the manufacturer still just to be on the safe side.

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