Best Snow Shovel For Driveway

Are you looking for the best snow shovel for driveway? The following list ensures that you will be guided while you’re searching for the perfect snow shovel.

The perfect snow shovel should be light weight for easy lifting. It should fit in your hands while you push hard and twist the shovel.

Snow Shovel For Driveway Reviews

Dakota SnoBlade Snow Blade Removal Shovel w/ Wheels

This snow shovel has a bi-direction feature for easy snow removal. Simply pull it and it will pile the snow to your chosen side. It is compact and easy to store.

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Bully Tools 92200 Heavy Duty Sidewalk and Ice Scraper

This snow scraper can remove thick ice and snow. It is made of steel, which further improves its durability. It has a steel blade that can easily remove ice and snow.

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EMSCO Bigfoot Snow Roller Pusher Snow Shovel

This snow shovel is perfect for cleaning driveways and decks. Its curved design allows snow to roll effortlessly instead of piling up. It is made of durable polyethylene material.

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Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

You can use this electric snow thrower to clear sidewalks, steps, decks, walkways and driveways. It can clear up to 4 inches of snow in just about 20 minutes.

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Power Dynamics Easy Leverage 30 Inch SnoDozer Rolling Snow Shovel

This 30-inch snow shovel has 10-inch no-flat tires. It clears snow in a 15-degree angle. It can clear 3 inches of snow from your driveway.

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Toro 38371 15-Inch 12 Amp Electric 1500 Power Curve Snow Blower

This snow blower can clear (a 15-inch path) up to 12 inches of snow. It throws snow up to 25 feet. It is compact and lightweight.

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MANPLOW Snow Shovel Wide

This snow shovel is made of highly durable polyethylene material. It is impact resistant. It features a 36-inch blade, and a lightweight steel handle.

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Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

This snow blower can clear 700 pounds of snow per minute. It is perfect for driveways, patios and decks. It has a 160-degree chute, which lets you choose where to throw the snow.

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Bigfoot Combo Snow Shovel

This snow shovel is portable and lightweight. It has a curved blade and a scoop design. It is a shovel, snow pusher and scoop in just one tool.

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EasyGo Auger Style Manual Snow Blower Thrower

This snow thrower has an ergonomic handlebar for convenience and comfort of use. You simply need to push it and it will clear the snow. It has an auger screw that plows up to 4 inches of snow.

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Types of Snow Shovel for Driveway 

Metal Snow Shovel – Metal snow shovels are manufactured from steel, stainless steel and alloys. These shovels are heavier than other types and require more strength to fully operate. 

Plastic Snow Shovel – Plastic snow shovels are manufactured from high quality plastics that are resistant to freezing and cold. In addition, these are lightweight and easy to use. 

Aluminum Snow Shovel – Aluminum snow shovels are durable and lightweight. These are among the most popular types of snow shovels and are less expensive than metal snow shovels. 

Ergonomic Snow Shovel – Ergonomic snow shovels are suitable for those with back problems. These shovels have an S-shaped handle, which is bent, thereby taking some strain from the back muscles. 

Push Snow Shovel – When lifting snow is not an option, a push snow shovel is recommended. These are partially rounded at the bottom and are the best options for light snow falls. 

Folding Snow Shovel – Folding snow shovels are compact and perfect to keep in the car. These shovels can help maintain the driveway free from thick snow falls. Moreover, it can be a part of an emergency kit in the car while on travel. 

How to Choose Snow Shovel

Choosing a snow shovel can be quite challenging and time-consuming. The following are the considerations when selecting the best snow shovel for driveway that will surely help users.

Scoop – A shallow scoop is perfect for pushing snow. A deep curved scoop can load a lot of snow with minimal spills. However, a scoop should be sturdy enough to do a lot of work.

Grip – There are small and big grips but they should fit in the hands. Moreover, a padded grip is better for an extra grip on the handle.

Handle – Short handles make throwing of snow easier while longer handles are good for pushing snow. Handles should make it easier for you to quickly twist and adjust the shovel. 

Material – Aluminum shovels last the longest but this still depends on the manufacturing and quality. Plastic shovels are flexible and easy to use but not all have the same toughness of blade.

Weight – Weight is an important factor when choosing a snow shovel. Users need to lift and carry snow shovels so weight should match their strength for their work. 

Safety Precautions When Removing Snow

As much as possible, try to shovel the snow that is still powdery and light. This will make lifting and pushing easier so the job will be done in a shorter period.

Wearing appropriate clothing is a must. Light, water-repellent and layered clothing provides insulation and ventilation. Gloves, boots, head coverings and socks are good options too.

When lifting the snow, keep your back straight and knees bent. The load will feel lighter if your hand is close to the scoop. When pushing the snow, keep the handle lower than the hip.

Take a break and drink plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration. Frequent rests can prevent severe pain and discomfort in different parts of the body.

People with heart attacks are not advised to shovel snow, especially in the morning. Feel free to ask someone to shovel the snow in the driveway for you if you have history of heart attack.

Call an ambulance immediately if you feel extreme pain in your shoulders, arms, back and legs. Keep lying down until there is someone who will assist you.

How to Maintain Snow Shovel 

Spray the snow shovel with cooking oil to prevent the snow from sticking. Light coat of non-stick oil will help snow slide off. This provides enough time to remove the snow from the driveway than removing snow stuck on the shovel.

After using the snow shovel, clean the debris off. Debris can cause moisture and rust. Before keeping the shovel, make sure that it is clean and dry.

When keeping shovels with wooden handles for a long time, try to use a wood preservation agent. This ensures that the handle will last longer and will be properly maintained.

Sharpen the shovel if it gets dull. When sharpening a snow shovel, secure the shovel so the blade stays steady. Sharpen it from one side to another.

Select the right shape of the shovel for clearing the snow on the driveway. The shape depends on the thickness of the snow that you wish to remove.

If the shovel is damaged, replace it immediately, as well as the parts that need changing. A high quality shovel can make the work easier and will last longer.

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