Best Steam Mop For Wood Floors

Everyone wants to have the best steam mop for wood floors. Luckily, this article will guide you in choosing the perfect steam mop that you need.

The perfect one does not require the use of any harsh chemicals to clean wood floors. It only uses water and doesn’t require any other cleaning solutions that can damage your floor.

Steam Mop For Wood Floors Reviews

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop

This steam mop is available in 2 colors. It kills 99.9 % bacteria and germs. It has a flip-down scrubber that removes hard messes and dirt.

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Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

This steam mop produces heated steam in just 30 seconds. It sanitizes your floor without using harsh chemicals. It is safe to use on any kind of floor.

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Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

This 2 in 1 mop can reduce your cleaning time by half. It has a vacuum and steam mop feature. It sanitizes the floor by killing 99.9% germs. It is easy to use.

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Shark Steam and Spray Professional (SK460)

This steam mop offers steam and spray feature for superior cleansing. It can eliminate tough and dried on messes. It has three cleaning modes for your cleaning needs.

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Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner

This electric mop can clean hard floor surface using steam. It can clean your floor without using harsh chemicals. It has a 360-degree swivel head for hard-to-reach places.

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SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Steam Mops

This electric mop produces hot steam to clean and sanitize your floor. It cleans and deodorizes without using harsh chemicals. It kills 99.9% bacteria and germs.

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Shark Digital Steam Mop with Click and Go Pads

This steam mop has dual-sided dirt grip pads that are washable. It cleans hard floors. It has a touch-free technology, and steam blaster for cleaning stubborn and stuck messes.

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Missyee Direct Steam Mop X5 Steam Cleaners

This steam cleaner requires no harsh chemicals to clean your floor and even your carpet. It can also remove dirt and wrinkles from clothes. You can also use it to clean the windows.

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Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

This hot steam map can clean hard messes without using detergents or harsh chemicals. It uses high temperature steam in cleaning and sanitizing your floor.

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Black+Decker Microfiber Floor Steamer Mop

This steam mop has a microfiber cleaning pad. It has swivel steering for convenient movement. It has removable water tank for easy refilling. It kills 99.9% germs and bacteria.

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How to Choose the Best Steam Mop for Wood Floors

Heat Up Time – To ensure that the task will be done immediately, choosing a steam mop with fast heat up time is essential. Approximately 30 seconds waiting time is enough.

Cord – A longer cord helps clean the wooden floor easily. This way, you don’t have to unplug several times just to clean the entire floor. 

Flexibility – Steam mops with triangular shape or fold flat are useful in cleaning hard-to-reach spots and low clearance areas. Extra cleaning pads may be available to remove stuck-on stains too. 

Convenience – Steam mops for wooden floors that can stand on their own are better. This is more convenient while waiting for the steam mop to heat up and cool down. 

Settings – Steam mops with adjustable steam settings are better. Knowing the amount of steam is important to check if the wooden floor will be affected or not. 

Capacity – A tank with a large capacity of water is helpful for huge houses. This helps the owners finish the job without getting tired of refilling the steam mop for several times.

Advantages of Using Steam Mops for Wood Floors

Using a steam mop is a natural yet effective way of cleaning wooden floors. Steam mops ensure that a house will be chemical-free and germ-free. 

Steam mops can dry floors faster than the traditional mops. Cleaning will be quicker that way because the heat loosens the dirt easily. 

Steam mops help prevent muscle pain and joint pain due to scrubbing the floors on hands and knees. Fortunately, steam mops allow your body to relax while the floor is being cleaned. 

Cleaning using a steam mop provides a shinier and brighter surface that is never coated with chemicals and cleaning solutions. Unlike the traditional mops, steam mops never let the floor to be cloudy.

The remaining water in the steam mop is not dirty at all, unlike the water used by the traditional mop. Through a steam mop, there is no need for you to worry about where you’ll throw the water after use.

Steam mops are effortless to use. You can sit while cleaning the floor. Moreover, they don’t require expensive detergents because the hot steam alone is an effective disinfectant.

Tips in Using a Steam Mop

To maintain a beautiful and shiny floor, the floor cloth should be kept clean and dry. There are models that promote ease in changing the cloth.

The safest way to clean the wood floors is to lift the mop off the floor when triggering a few short steam bursts. A little moisture is enough to clean the area.

Sticky spots on the floor should not be blasted with steam continuously. Use the steam mop to scrub the spots after checking that the cloth doesn’t have something that can scratch the floor.

A steam mop is an important cleaning equipment at home. Therefore, it is important to keep it properly stored when not in use. Make sure that there’s no water left in the mop before storing it.

Change the cleaning pad regularly to make sure that it will function properly every time. Before changing the cleaning pad, the steam mop should be unplugged.

It is easier to mop the floor that is swept or vacuumed first. That way, the debris will not be stored inside the steam mop.

Frequently Asked Questions about Steam Mops

Steam mops are popular when it comes to cleaning. The following are the questions asked by most steam mop users when cleaning their wooden floors.

How do I clean the calcium deposits inside the water tank of my steam mop? Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to a full water tank. Once closed, shake the tank while the steam mop is turned off.

What can I do if my steam mop stops producing steam? Unplug the unit then drain the water in the tank. Clean the tank after every use and don’t forget to air dry before storing.

What type of water do I need to use? Steam mop uses tap water. However, in places with hard water, distilled water is preferred for better performance.

How can I prevent my steam mop from leaving puddles of water? To prevent puddling of water, the cleaning cloth must be replaced more often.

How do I maintain the cloth or pads? The cloth or pad should not be bleached and should be washed at 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

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