How to Clean a Carpet

If you are a homeowner, you should know how to clean a carpet either on your own or with the help of a professional cleaner.  This is especially important if your home is fully carpeted.

You can expose your family to health hazards if your carpets are not properly cleaned.  What’s a beautifully carpeted home when your family members are sick?  Read on and learn how you can keep the germs out of your carpets.

Using Carpets in Your Home

Carpets can make your house feel cozy and inviting.  They ensure that you do not have to step on cold floor.  They keep your feet from touching the cold marble or concrete flooring.

These also serve a decorative purpose.  They serve as accents or complementary pieces to big furniture.  They are often incorporated in the interior design of the rooms they are place in.

For many, carpets are considered to be indispensable design elements in any home.  As with any other part of the home, it is important that carpets are cared for and kept clean.

What are Carpets Made Of?

Carpets are made of inter woven fibers. These fibers are thick and strong enough to withstand wear and tear caused by foot traffic.

It used to be that carpets are made by hand. Nowadays, however, a lot of carpets are made by machines.  Although handmade carpets are still available, they are often more expensive than mass produced ones.

To make a carpet, fibers are loaded into a weaving machine. The design is also be loaded into a computer. It is the computer that controls the weaving process.

Some carpets only have one color. Others have two or three different colored fibers.  Some carpets have shorter hairs. Others have long and shaggy texture.

Why Clean a Carpet?

Carpets attract dirt more than any other part of the house. Dirt particles easily get in between the interwoven fibers and stay lodged in there until you wash it.

If you have pets in the house, they also tend to favor lying down on the carpet. Pet hair and mud can easily cling to the carpet fibers.

If you have toddlers and infants at home who are learning how to walk or who tend to crawl on the carpet, it is vital that you clean your carpet as often as possible. Children can easily pick up dirt.

You’ll never know what bacteria your kids will pick up from your carpet. Little children are prone to picking up anything from the floor and putting it in their mouth.

When to Clean Your Carpet?

Carpets are literally dirt magnets.  That’s why it is highly recommended that you clean them as often as you can. Clean them more often if you have pets or kids.

Experts also advise that carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week. The same goes for area rugs.

Vacuum more often than once a week if you have children and pets. Pet hair can accumulate easily.

Deep clean carpets every 6 to 12 months. Seek the help of professional steam cleaners in order to thoroughly clean your carpet.

You can also try to steam clean them ever month on your own. This, however, still doesn’t beat the steam clean that professionals provide.

Cleaning Your Carpet

The best way to clean your carpet is to use a vacuum with a steam clean feature. They provide better cleaning than vacuuming alone.

Once a week, run your vacuum through the entire length of your carpet. Take extra care in high traffic areas as these are the places where most dirt come in.

Vacuum slowly to thoroughly clean your carpet. Lift or move furniture to vacuum under them as well.

If you spill anything on your carpet, clean it up immediately. The longer you wait, the more it will leave a stain.

To clean up a spill, blot the area with a cloth sprayed with carpet cleaner. Don’t rub the stain as this can cause it to spread.

Remember to blot from the outside towards the middle of the spill. This will prevent the spill from spreading out to a bigger area.

These simple instructions on how to clean a carpet should help you ensure that your carpets are dirt-free and safe to have in your home.  If you found these tips useful, feel free to share them with your friends too.

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