How to Clean a Shower Head

Bathing with water from a clean shower head can be invigorating and refreshing. Once you learn how to clean a shower head properly, you will see the difference from using a not so clean shower head.

This article will tell you about the different types of shower heads and give you tips on how to clean them. You do not have to wonder anymore if you are as clean as you should be after you shower.

Different Shower Head Styles

Shower heads come in many different designs. Some provide an all over shower experience by having more than one shower head.

Some are made to mimic the rain. Others spew strong jets of water to clean tough dirt.  Some are made to be detached from the shower head holder so that you can wash other areas of the body closely.

Designs like these are the most common these days.  In choosing which shower head to install, people normally choose based on convenience and comfort.

The Shower

The shower is where you wash your entire body from head to toe. It is where you shampoo your hair, soap your body, and scrub all the dirt and dead skin cells off your body.

It is the place where you cleanse your body. Often, it is also the place where you clear your mind.  The routine of bathing becomes a sort of a ritual where you clear your mind of all the troubles of the day.

It is not unusual for people to get their best ideas while in the shower.  This is only possible when the experience is relaxing.

Cleaning your body, and your mind, while in the shower is all the more reason for you to keep this place clean as well.

Why Cleaning the Shower Head is Important

A dirty showerhead will not be able to release the right amount of water that you need to get clean. This is because the openings of the shower head can sometimes get blocked by dirt.

This happens most especially in places where water sources come from a deep underground source. Tiny particles of dirt can come up with the water as you are showering.

Over time, these tiny particles accumulate and dry up inside the shower head. These block the water from coming through.

Clean Shower for Good Health

Dirty showers are also known to harbor the mycobacterium avium. This is a pathogen that’s linked to pulmonary disease.

When you turn on the shower the mycobacterium avium gets released into the air. As you shower, you inhale this bacterium which can damage your lungs.

Cleaning the Shower Head

Clean the showerhead by filling a plastic bag with white wine vinegar. The plastic bag should be big enough to cover the entire shower head.

Tie the bag of vinegar on the shower head to secure it. You should have enough vinegar to submerge the shower head completely.

Leave the bag of vinegar on the shower head overnight. After soaking overnight you might see some debris floating around the plastic bag of vinegar.

Remove the plastic carefully so you don’t spill the vinegar on yourself. Throw away the vinegar via the shower drain.

Turn on the water to rinse and get rid of the vinegar smell. You can also try using an all-purpose cleaner to clean the shower head after you have soaked it in vinegar.

Cleaning Other Parts of the Shower

The shower curtains should be washed together with some old towels. The old towels can act as micro scrubbers.

Placing them with the shower curtains help remove mold and mildew. They are gentle enough not to scratch or tear your shower curtain.

Hang the shower curtain to dry after washing. Keep the bathroom door open for a while to dry it faster.

Shower doors should also be cleaned. Use a baking soda and white vinegar combo to clean the doors.

Clean the shower area regularly. Soap scum can easily accumulate in the cracks on the door, walls, and floor.

Final Word

A clean shower head can make a lot of difference in the way you bathe. Share these tips on how to clean a shower head with your friends and family too.

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