How To Clean A Sofa

The sofa is central to a home life where you could sit and relax after the day’s work. You would, however, be unable to relax on a dirty couch. Knowing how to clean a sofa is, therefore, necessary and hygienic.

Sofas are susceptible to dirt, dust, and grime. Some have deeply embedded over time and are not visible. A professional cleaner can do a thorough cleaning. The cleaning process is easy, and you could do it yourself thoroughly.

Materials for cleaning your sofa

Sofa cleaning materials are available in any local store in your neighborhood. Choosing cleaning brands, however, is daunting. Sofa cleaning comes easy with home products like laundry detergent, liquid dish soap, white vinegar, baby wipes, and conditioner.

Mix your mild laundry detergent with warm water forming suds. You can substitute the detergent with a liquid dish soap.

White vinegar is another cleaning solution for your sofa, particularly when removing stains. Mix with warm water to dilute the solution.

To remove the smell of the vinegar, open your windows or dry the sofa with a fan. You could also apply baking soda to the entire couch.

Baby Wipes are effective in spot cleaning your upholstery, and you need not worry about damaging your sofa as wipes are gentle. Apply with soft strokes and let dry.

For your leather upholstery, using leather soap and conditioner extends the life of your couch, makes it resistant to dirt, and gives that extra shine.

Fabric Sofa Upholstery

Before cleaning your sofa fabric upholstery, check the label for its material. The different fabric may need specific techniques and a cleaning solution.

Your sofa comes with care and maintenance manual. Follow the instructions specified. If you find none, do a little research on caring for your upholstery.

When using a hand towel,choose white to avoid color contamination of the sofa.You can substitute a soft hand brush for a hand towel.

If you prefer using a vacuum to remove dirt, check your attachments to avoid damage to the sofa. A soft brush attachment will do the works with no damage to the material.

Deep cleaning of the fabric sofa

To clean those visible spots on the sofa, use baby wipes. Vinegar is another effective cleaning agent for upholstery stains.

Pour vinegar solution on a soft cloth and apply on the stains. Apply the vinegar solution on a less visible areato test for discoloration.

Sprinkle baking soda on the entire couch to rid of smells and remove stains from the sofa. Let the baking soda sit for 20 to 30 minutes before removing with a vacuum with a brush attachment.

Allow the sofa to dry before reuse. You could speed up the drying process with a hairdryer. An optionis to allow the sofa to dry naturally. Open your windows to hasten the natural process of drying.

Sofa Leather upholstery cleaning

A leather sofa is ideal for homes with children and pets. The leather upholstery is easy to maintain compared to the fabric sofa. Regular cleaning, however, is advisable to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Clean the leather sofa with a damp cloth, making sure it is not too damp.Excess water tends to cause damage to your leather couch.

Using soap mixed with water, wipe the solution to the entire sofa with a clean cloth. At this point, focus on stains you missed and rub gently but thoroughly.

Cracks occur with the use of a leather sofa over time. If you notice a crack, apply a leather conditioner over it using a spray. Be sure to test a small area to check for damage.

Preventive measures

You can protect and keep your sofa fresh by using soil and stain repellants. Another way is to cover your sofa with antimacassars, loose covers, or throws and minimize the dirt and damage.

Vacuum the sofa on a regular basis, preferably once a week; more if used often. Regular vacuum goes a long way to preventing dirt and grime from accumulating.

A preventive measure is to rearrange your furniture.Rearranging positions of your sofa ensures the distribution of wear to the furniture.

These measures are preventive and not a way out of regular cleaning.Eventually, your furniture would still need care and cleaning.

What sofa cleaning requires is common sense, and a little knowledge on cleaning techniques. With the simple guide above, we hope to make cleaning your upholstery easy for you. Please share this guide with others interested inmaking their sofa last through proper care.

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